Geocollectors – Proprietors of The World

Geocollectors is a society for true world citizens. Essentially, Geocollecting is about securing Your foothold on the planet, and preserving the integrity of invaluable pieces of wilderness.

To Geocollect is to acquire rights to samples of real nature by the square meter. Collect exotic terrain types and viewpoints from all over the world and become a proprietor on every continent. Purchase your favorite piece of the world, cherish its character and enjoy its raw appeal via our portal. Escape into your nature retreat whenever you like – and share the experience with friends and family.

We at Geocollectors believe that the world's unique landscapes can only be treasured by inspired individuals. We empower them to do so – one plot at a time. As our movement grows, we aspire to source ever larger pieces of varied landscapes for private collecting and social sharing. As a Geocollector, you become neighbors with like–minded proprietors from all over the world – anywhere in the world. Who knows who you will meet in the wild…

Start exploring and become a Geocollector today.

How does it work?

Geocollectors Ltd buys large areas of different kinds of wilderness terrain from all over the world and makes them available for private Geocollecting.

The idea is to divide the areas among thousands of owners , who may purchase one square meter plots from each area . This way, we can crowd–source valuable environments and interesting geographical locations, while making it very difficult for any other entity to purchase them back and exploit.

When you purchase a square meter of land through Geocollectors you will become the actual proprietor of that piece of land. We will send you a proprietor’s package with the proper degrees and proof of purchase.

As a Geocollector, you can also suggest areas to be purchased for Geocollecting. If we can find an area that can be acquired, we purchase it and apply for a protection plan to ensure that the land stays untouched.

What can I collect?

Geocollectors Ltd ‘s mission iso to purchase land in up to 200 countries, all over the globe, in all kinds of environments. So you can become Geocollector of different continents, countries, terrain types, climate zones and vegetation types. You can also see what kind of fauna and flora you’ve helped to cherish. Naturally these are all things you can share online and within the Geocollectors’ society.

How can I access my Geocollected plots?

You can access your collected environments via the Geocollectors’ internet portal. The portal has pictures, satellite images, video clips, 360–renditions, updates and current information of the areas. You also get a small token from the area with the proprietor’s package. In the future we may also offer local services and products from different areas.

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