Welcome to the home
of the northern lights
Lapland, Finland
67.205 °LAT, 24.795 °LONG
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Own a piece of magic

The enchanted Lapland is at your fingertips. A northern land of eight seasons welcomes you to enjoy its wonders. The Polar Night in the harsh winter lasts for fifty days, as does the Polar Day in the beautiful summer when the sun does not set at all and the marshlands bloom with cloudberries.

Still this place of contrasts attracts all kinds of flora and fauna, some found only here. You can see reindeer, arctic foxes, snowy owls, bears and wolves prowling against a backdrop of snowy fells and blazing Northern Lights. In the fall, the landscape transforms into fireworks of nature’s autumn colors.

Only a handful of the original Lappish folk have the will and skills to survive in this extraordinary place. Now you have the opportunity to own land in this place of wild inspiration. But do you have the courage?

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